Notes on Portuguese El Camino Walk


These rough notes are entered from phone. Will add details and photos when I’m home and on my cmputer

Porto to Povoa

Sept 13 2015: Original planned route turned out to be 25k; so we took Metro to Modiva and walked to sea and then along shore (largely along boardwalk through a protected area of dunes).

Walking distance: 17k

Povoa to Esposende

sept 14 2015: Left Hotel and walked  along shore (lots of boardwalk) for about 8k. Then onto a fairly busy road for a few kms; then on dirt road through mostly woos and farmland.

Distance walked: 19 k

 Esposende to Viana da Castelo

Sept 15 2015: Tropical storm Henri made walking almost impossible today; so we took a taxi

Distance walked: 50 metres

Viano do Castelo to Vila Praia de Ancona

Was supposed to be entirely along the coast but lots of boardwalk construction and no markings. Sometimes paths were primitive and we (my fault) took a turn away from the coast which lead to lots of climbing, some confusion and extra distance.

Arrived very tired.

Distance walked: 24k (instead of 18)

 Praia de Ancona to A Guarda

Pretty easy 10k walk to Caminha where we took short ferry to Spain and walked over hill imto A Guarda.

Distance walked: 15k

A Guarda to Baiona

This is a 29k walk so we shortend it by taking a “taxi” for about 10k to Oisa Monestary. The rest of the was mostly along the coast (dull though as it was mostly bike lanes on a fairly busy road). The one exception was a pretty signicant climb to cut a corner to Cadeiras — would have been less work to walk a couple of extra kms.
Distance walked: 19k

Baiona to Vigo

we to a bus to just past Nigran to shorten this. It started with a fairly significant climb and then a gradual descent into Vigo. It wasn’t the greatest of walks as the last half was through a largely unattractive part of Vigo which is a significant city (about 500,000

Distance walked: 15k

Vigo to Redondela

This was the best walk yet. Just a few kilometers with a long gentle climb. We then walked on fairly level ground high above the city with great views. After a while we entered a wooded area ver popular with cyclists and this lasted almost to Redondela — very pleasant walking. Finished with beer and sandwiches at a cafe on the edge of town and then on to our hotel. We join the main Portuguese Camino here aDnd met a fair group (mostly Irish) at a café before supper.

Distance walked: 17 km

Redondela to Pontevedra

This walk wasn’t great. It involved two climbs; GPS and route plan said they were 150 metres but they were steep and not easy. Finally, the last few kms through the sprawl of Pontevedra were dull and hoy — great hotel in a pedestrianized area at the end though.

Distance walked: 20 km

Pontevedra tCaldas de Reis to Padron

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