Pincock Photo Archive


Late 1800s to early 1940s
Early photos were taken in Newfoundland and New Brunswick then, starting in about 1911, most were taken in Winnipeg where the family moved and George Pincock (Doug's father) was born.
George and Sadie Pincock.
The parents of Doug, Jim and Fred. Click here to view genealogical research carried out by Fred Pincock.
George's Family
George's grandfather came out from England as a Methodist Minister in Newfoundland and his mother's family was from Chatham New Brunswick.George's father left Newfoundland in 1905 to attend Mount Allison University and, after graduating in 1908 (BA) and 1909 (MA), taught in Dorchester and Moncton before moving to Winnipeg in 1912.
Sadie's family
Sadie's parents migrated from Ballymena, Ireland to Winnipeg in 1911.