News Articles


These articles have been created by OCR software from scan s of the poor quality newspaper clips. As a result, there are typos which I will fix some day if I’m bored.

Announcement of CAD Capability
Written at the time of the official government announcement (1989?). Gerry Reagan, Halifax MP at the time, made the announcement. Note the stonework in the basement of our then facility on Morris street.

Nova Scotia Companies and Weather Star
This describes the companies that were involved in the successful commercialization of the Weather Star with supported the Weather Channel in the US and Meteo Media in Canada.

About Change to For Profit Company
My family and friends were surprised to learn that I had become a “hard headed capitalist”

Another Article on becoming For Profit Company

Article on Building and Maintaining Intellectual Capital
Sounds a little quaint today

Doug Steps down as CEO of Amirix
Not sure how I feel about this being right next to an article about Dan Potter.