El Camino — Our Route


Notes on Maps

The underlying maps

The daily route maps below are largely taken from the two route maps below. In each case, You can go to full screen mode, change to map or plan view, expand to get details and so on.

  1. This map shows the whole route to A Garda (Day 5 destination).
  2. This map shows a complete route from Porto to Santiago with the route as far as A Garda different from the one we will take but, after, A Garda it is our route

Going Paperless

The plan is to have offline maps in our smartphones which have sufficient detail to keeps us on the route. This will be more important for th e first 8 days where we will not be on the main Camino and the route is apparently not well way marked. We will use two types of maps:

  1. The pdf (“Hi Res link or each day below) can be loaded into acrobat reader or ebook reader on iphone or Android devices. By panning and zooming, one can see a fair amount of detail. If paper is desired, the files can of course be printed out (a fair bit of paper though as they are typically more than one page). For convenience, I have included a “single page” link which produces less paper but also with less detail available.
  2. Through the Google Map app we will also store under “Your Places” maps that cover our route. These maps allow us to get right down to street level for a significant distance. For example, if one centres on Esposende and save as an off line map, deailed covereage extends from south of Matosinhos almost to Viano do Castelo (i.e. over 75 km of our route).

For insurance, we will also have a gps which, if we’re stuck will allow us to confirm exactly where we are

Route Day by Day

Day 1. Porto to Povoa de Varzim (23 km)

Metro to Matosinhos (to avoid outskirts of Porto). Get off at Mercado stop. Walk by fishing villages & prehistoric castor of San Paio to Povoa. Enjoy the Vila do Conde harbour; medieval district & Convento de Santa Clara. (Povoa de Varzim and Vila do Conde are connected.)

Route Maps:   Hi Res   Single Page 

Day 2. Povoa to Esposende (21 km)

Cross the Coastal Natural Park.

Route Maps:   Hi Res   Single Page

Day 3. Esposende to Viana do Castelo (24 km)

Take funicular to the Basicila de Santa Luzi for great views.

Route Maps:   Hi Res   Single Page

Day 4. Viana do Costelo to Vila Praia de Ancora (18 km)

Route Maps:   Hi Res   Single Page

Day 5. Vila Praia de Ancora to A Guarda (15 km & ferry)

Walk to Caminha to take ferry Santa Rita de Cassia across the river Minho to A Guarda in Galicia. (10 crossings daily except none on Monday) After ferry can go straight to A Guarda or walk 4km extra along the estuary for great coastal vies. In A Guarda visit the hilltop Santa Tegra Castro a Celtic settlement and archaeological gem. (Highly recommended).

Route Maps:   Hi Res   Single Page

Day 6. A Guarda to Baiona (29 km )

Or visit the Castro and take transit from Oia Baiona (15km)

Route Maps:   Hi Res   Single Page

Day 7. Baiona to  Vigo (23 km)

On a hot day, stop at the blue flag beach Praia America in Nigran for a quick swim.

Route Maps:   Hi Res   Single Page

Day 8. Vigo to Redondela (14 km)

To join the main Camino

Route Maps:   Hi Res   Single Page

Day 9. Redondela to Pontevedra (22 km)

Last day on coast. Try oysters in fishing village of Arcade.

Route Maps:   Hi Res   Single Page

Day 10. Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis (21 km)

Public washing bath at Tivo

Route Maps:   Hi Res  Single Page

Day 11. Caldas de Reis to Padron (18km) and on to Santiago by Train

Route Maps:   Hi Res  Single Page